Tensile: Strength/Elongation

Tensile: Strength/Elongation

Tinius Olsen supplies all necessary attachments for some of the basics tests performed on various samples of fabrics or finished garments. These, using different methods like “grab” or “strip”, will enable the customer to identify the tensile strength and elongation of the material tested. We follow major reference standards in the industry.

Tinius Olsen tension tester

Our HT45 dual action pneumatically operated grips are the standard equipment for these tests. They have a 5kN maximum force capacity which will accommodate a wide range of materials. Their clamping force can go up to a maximum of 7 bars enabling to clamp the specimens on a centre line and maintain position even when the specimen reduces thickness during test. They are supplied with a Pneumatic Control Unit (PCU) and if required, a foot operating switch.

Interchangeable jaw options.

We offer a wide range of jaw faces for these grips with different finish from rubber to serrated or plain steel. As a general rule we use rubber faced jaws for textile testing and their size also varies depending on the related requirements of the standard we are working in accordance with.